Write Now…

Usually I write my blog after I am home from the beach. Today I had the idea of writing my blog while I was at the beach. It should be an easier way to stay inspired to write and I won’t be near as tired and sleepy. But I love to write and to share my thoughts here.


I made myself a nice little chair in the sand. There was a small hill and a little work tapping the sand with my foot and I had a chair! Now it was time to write…

My sandy beach chair!

What does one write about when staring at the ocean? I see the waves rolling in, always different but always constant. I see the willets feeding as the waves roll out and running back out of the water as the waves roll in. I see a few seagulls flying overhead now and then too. I see a few other people, too. They run into the waves and you can hear the laughter as the waves break over them! They are just having fun! I see a few wispy clouds in the sky and know there will be better sunset colors because of them.

I wait for the time to be close to sunset and I can start my video! By then the beach will be almost deserted. There is fog creeping up the beach. Hoping it holds off till after the sunset…

Another beautiful sunset!

And it did! The ocean reminds me that God is bigger than any problem I might have. I see the broken shells washed up on the beach and I know God can put me back together no matter how many pieces I am in. I know God can smooth out the wrinkles in my life just as the ocean waves make the sand perfectly smooth. Waves comes in and take away all the mess that was there before and makes a whole new beginning. God can recreate you and I just the same way He has the ocean remake the sand on the beach…and as I watch people play in the waves of the ocean, God is there to be praised and loved and enjoyed too!

Have a blessed week with God!

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