Walk With God

I like to take walks. Now during the pandemic I walk for exercise. I walk to go places too. Walking is good. And if you walk with a friend, it’s usually a time for talking and sharing. And the Bible tells us that Enoch walked with God.

What would you ask God if you walked with Him? I have lots of questions. I am sure you would too. But it would be a time to share with your Friend and to learn from Him. What would God tell me? What would He tell you? What changes would you make? I am sure there are things my Friend would want me to change.

And hopefully I would do things to make my Friend happy. I would not try to hurt Him or upset Him. Maybe I would end up changing my life and some things I do.

Maybe that’s what we all should do. Walk every day, every moment with Jesus. Feel His presence with us every second. Maybe we should pray more. Maybe we should watch what goes into our minds more. Maybe we should make Jesus our Friend. And that is one thing we all can do.

5 thoughts on “Walk With God

  1. Hi Will! i love that the Easter season is on the horizon! It is my reminder that Jesus lives! And because He lives, i take Him on my walks, so i can ask Him anything, Anytime! and i love that He changes me from glory to glory ANYTIME i confess my fault to him!
    have a blessed night!!


  2. Beautiful pictures! Your thoughts are perfect! Life is really different when you walk with God and follow His plans!


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