Sometimes learning is fun. As a teacher I strive to make learning fun so students will want to learn more. But it seems as adults the fun learning stops and you learn “the hard way.” I don’t know why that is, but it just is that way. And so that seems to be the story about how I learned “the hard way.”

Walking like three men are walking behind her ~ Audrey Hepburn

There were things I knew but didn’t really know. I knew I liked Lisa but didn’t know anything else. We always said we are just “friends.”

Until… it happened. Technology is nice as long as it always works. My morning text to Lisa did not go through. She was hurt and baffled that I did not send her morning greeting. Between that and a couple of other things, we had our first “real” pothole in the road.

The pothole was deep enough to rough us up a bit.

I went on a date with someone else. Lisa stayed home, wishing I would contact her. She did not know I was on a date.

On Sunday after almost a week, we started communicating again. The one thing I did find out was we “really” like each other. Well, she does not like me right now, but she has forgiven me. I think I always knew but I never really realized it. And now both of us are hurting in our hearts because we miss each other, as our dates are only once a week due to Geography.

Even though the bad things happened, we can get though this. And even though the bad things happened, we can learn from it. And even though the bad things happened, we are better than we were before. Now I know without a doubt, I really care about her. Because of that, we want to be “exclusive” (I think the old term is going steady) with each other.

WE WERE ALREADY EXCLUSIVE! #thisisLisa haha #mixedsignals

In the end, what went down made us stronger as friends. Getting through it and over it will take time. Each moment goes by now, I know I care about Lisa. She knows she cares about me too. God cares about the us that is “Willisa” and He cares about Lisa and Will separately too. God even cares about the word game you play every morning. God does all of that and more for me! He will do the same and more for you!

With the learning just beginning, I would like to add that I am supporting Lisa’s dream. She is working on a book about Over 50 Dating. It is her hope to help others navigate thru the crazy world of dating, by learning from her mistakes and even some terrifying experiences. And YOU are the practicing audience!

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