Let Your Faith…

Let your faith be bigger than your fear. That is how the saying goes. And sometimes we need to be reminded of that. Sometimes it happens in grand fashion too. I went back to Point Lobos a year after I first went there. Seems a good place to start a new year. This was no exception. It was fantastic!

As always if you’re not at Point Lobos by 8:30am just be prepared to sit in traffic. I was there by 8:15am. Only one car ahead of me. I drove in and knew where I wanted to park. Plenty of spaces available. Took a short hike out to the point and back. Looked for whales but saw none. BUT…saw waves so huge! I started taking pictures, of course. And yes, I will share some here. That was just the first hour of my day.

The weather was perfect. A cloudless, blue sky. Everywhere you looked there was another image to capture. Then I started down the trail beside the ocean. I could not have imagined what I saw! Only about a mile trail to Bird Island. An easy hike and it was. But tookna lot more time because the ocean swells were amazing! I took many pictures.

Then the thought comes to me, “God is bigger than my small problems.” And it is true. If you are a Veggie Tales watcher (ok, I admit it. I love them), the story of one is titled “God is Bigger than the Boogieman.” In simple terms, God is bigger than any of our fears or problems. That is why I visit the ocean. To be reminded of who is in control. I cannot control the ocean or its waves but God can. I cannot control what problems I face but God can.

As my day went on, the fog started rolling in about 2pm. I had stopped to rest and eat around noon. But the fog and Gibson Beach made for some great shots.

Yes, do be careful on the stairs down to Gibson Beach. They are sturdy but very steep. This is where my day ended at Point Lobos. I stayed here a while and almost got wet. It was a perfect day beside the ocean for me.

It was also the perfect way to spend a day with God. God taught me not to fear or worry. It takes time for that lesson to sink in for me. But it is something to remember. God is bigger than our boogieman and our faith should be bigger than all our fears. Always remeber that no matter what, God is in control.

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