There is always two ways to take something. You can take it how it was meant or you can take it literally. Literally means to take it just how it is reads. Sometimes that leads to funny things being said. I saw this sign in a park and started laughing.

What it means is pick up after your pet. What it says is to make do-do right beside your pets. I saw a sign today (unable to take a picture however) that read: Caution workers in trees. That made me laugh too. The workers were just working in the branches of the tree from their cherry picker or lift. I have never seen a work crew with each one in a tree! Again, literal or intended meaning?

It’s something we do every day without even thinking about it. We just know people will get the meaning. And they usually do even if it makes us laugh in the process.

The Bible isn’t like that. God didn’t mince words or beat around the bush. He just said what He meant. That’s not saying their aren’t prophecies in the Bible too. God put some of those in there but He gave us a way to understand them. God was just a straightforward guy. So we can take Him for what He says. He tells us He is coming back to take us home and I believe Him. Believe His words and believe in Him and meet Him when He returns!

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