Christmas Eve

Here it is another Christmas eve. I am with family and am warm and cozy. The world always seems at peace on Christmas. But I think of friends and families that have no where to go or can’t go anywhere due to many other reasons.

We all have a picture in our minds what the perfect Christmas is and maybe once in a while that actually happens. I am betting most of the time it doesn’t. Something always comes up. Or you are working or there is no where for you to be.

The story is the same for Jesus. His parents had no where to go. He wasn’t even born in a hospital. A stable of all places. And the only presents He received were from strangers. Maybe that was on Christmas and maybe it happened later. No one knows for sure. What a night that Christmas eve was! The Savior of the world comes and the only people to greet Him are shepards who took off work to come see Him. It’s not the perfect Christmas His mom imagined!

If you are one of those who are working or don’t have a warm and cozy place or can’t be with family or friends, just remember you are in good company. Our Savior, Jesus, didn’t have anything close to a perfect Christmas either. He had the poorest of places and no presents. But God looked after Him just like God will care for you on this Christmas eve night or any other night.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, on this Christmas eve be happy. Share a smile, be a friend or lend a hand. But no matter what, have a very Merry Christmas!

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