Bodies in Motion

Newton’s first law or the law of inertia says a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion. I think it is the same with us. Our bodies if they are in motion tend to stay in motion and if they are at rest tend to stay at rest.

Some people are just naturally busy and others seem to be sedentary. Moving or resting just as Newton’s law says. Yes, there is always a little of each in us but over all we tend to be one way or the other.

The hard part comes when we want to change the way we are. It can be done. Although it does take work and can be a challenge. And that is like me. I am trying to change to be more active and not rest as much. I know the pandemic has changed all our lives and we do have to adjust to the new way. I like to swim and so would do that daily. But here all the gyms are closed so I have no pool to swim in. I haven’t been swimming for a few months now.

Today I went on a nice hike. It was about 4 miles long and had some uphills and a few downhills. Hopefully I am changing myself for the better. I am not doing it because it is the new year but rather because I need to better myself. I want my body to be one of those “in motion” bodies.

Pictures from my hike.

It is the same with our faith. If we use it, it gets stronger. If it sits at rest, then it grows weaker. I believe faith is an action word. Jesus wants us to use our faith, to step out in faith. When we take a step, we act. Let’s change our faith for the better too. Let’s be active. Jesus will be right there beside us as we take our steps of faith!

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