Do you know that feeling you get when you achieve a goal? It doesn’t matter what you did as long as it is something you wanted to do. It could be as simple as finishing watching a Netflix series or as difficult as climbing Half Dome. The feeling of completing a task you set out to do is accomplishment. You can have pride in what you did and that is a good thing.

Accomplishments help us in our daily life. The more you do, the greater that feeling and the more you want to feel that way. It is almost as if you found some secret energy. And in a way, you did.

The secret is confidence. The more you accomplish, the better you feel and the more confidence you have to do things. More confidence means you try other things; things that maybe you would never otherwise even think of attempting.

Are people really this way? Are they really always successful? Success breeds confidence, definitely. Failure can also give confidence. It all depends on how you view it. Failure can sap the confidence right out of you if you let it. But look at it the way Edison did. Yes, he invented the light bulb. But he had many, many failures before he had success. Edison stated he knew 1000 ways it didn’t work. That’s my paraphrase of it anyway. Learn from failure and keep pushing on. You can reach your goal!

Confidence in God is one thing we should all have as well. We can study the Bible and even pray but without knowing God, we won’t have the confidence to accomplish much for Him. Once you see and experience God working in your life, you can soar to new heights with Him. That’s when God becomes real when you know what He does for you. And God does it every day. You will start to notice small evidences of His working in your life each and every day. To be in heaven with God is my goal. It should be yours too. Let God lead and see how your changes as He works in you. Confidence in God through your relationship with Him will bring out the best in you and the best in this life!

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