MacKerricher State Park is a gem of a park in California. I don’t know the origins of the park but it is a beautiful place. I watched the sunset there this past weekend and it was spectacular. The park is pretty spectacular everywhere though.

You can park for free. At the end of the road you find parking. Maybe there is less parking available in the summer, I don’t know but there were plenty of open spaces this weekend. You can have your picnic not too far from the ocean. You are still within earshot of the mighty ocean waves.

It is a short walk out to the point to just watch the ocean. Hear the waves, feel the wind and be contended. That is all on a boardwalk. Trails start there and you hike on the bluffs above the ocean. Gorgeous scenery is everywhere. But the first stop is the tidal pools. Well, as long as the tide is out.

The tidal pools are amazing. The amount of life you find in one is astounding. But the real thrill is in the hunt. Just trying to clamor over rocks slick with ocean plant life is one thing. Hoping not to fall into a tidal pool is another. Seeing sea anemones and starfish and other creatures is worth the trek.

Each one of the tidal pools can contain a different treasure just waiting to be found. It is fun for, yes, kids of all ages. You can spend hours here seeking and searching and making new discoveries.

Then on down the trail a ways enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean. This time of year the sun sets early. It is easy to stay for the event of the day! Do not miss this! God puts on a show at sundown to rival the most beautiful paintings. The colors, the sounds, the experience, all give the sense of wonder and beauty and the sense of God. You can feel His presence in the sunset. The event is one of God’s masterpieces, one everyone should see once in their lifetime.

And so the day ends. And so the trip to MacKerricher State Park ends too. But a beautiful and wonderfully fulfilling day! All brought to you by God!

2 thoughts on “MacKerricher

  1. That has been a dream of mine since my sophomore yr in academy. So happy you got to experience the tidal pools! God is so creative and good!


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