New Take on an Old Theme

I was reading this past week about Jesus death on the cross. The author had a new take on this old story. One I had never really realized before. The basic premise is sin does not require a blood sacrifice. If sin did need a blood sacrifice to cleanse us, then God isn’t any better than the idols people have worshipped down through history.

Then the question to answer becomes “Why did Jesus die?” If not to appease an angry God, why? The answer is so simple it is easily overlooked and overshadowed. Jesus died to prove a point. He died to show the universe the true character of Satan. Would Satan really go as far as to kill the Son of God? We know the answer as yes. Jesus came to show us the way to live. He came to show us God’s true character and not just the counterfeit Satan tries to pass off. Satan tells us we cannot follow God and keep all His commandments. Jesus proves this to be false.

The Passover, then with the killing of the lambs, was to reveal Satan’s plan to us as well as show us God. God can just forgive our sins. It was a type of what was to come.

All Jesus did was show the world love and God and God’s true purpose. And He died for it. I don’t think I have had it wrong this whole time but just never thought about it. What we do know is Jesus did come to save us and take us home to heaven with Him.

Let me know what you think about this topic. I am still learning and studying this topic. Hopefully, you will be studying too.

One thought on “New Take on an Old Theme

  1. I am not sure that is correct, that Jesus didn’t have to die. “The wages of sin is death”, is stated in the Bible. If God could just forgive us then the Bible wouldn’t carry this statement. It would make God a liar. Yes Jesus death just how far Satan would go to destroy Jesus and His kingdom but His death bought our salvation and His reserection won the war and reclaimed this earth as part of God’s Kingdom and secured our eternal lives fulfilling God’s words after Adam & Eve sinned. There is more but no space.


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