Call Boxes

I took off this weekend and went to see my sister who has just moved into a new house. She moved and instead of a two hour drive to see her, it is now a four hour drive. It is not a bad drive there but it is longer and takes a little more planning.

I made the decision to leave on Friday afternoon. I needed to get away somewhere for a bit. The decision made, I had to get home and pack. Finally, I was ready to leave by five pm. My first time going there so the route was all new to me and you put your trust in your gps. I followed all of its turns. Then the sun went down. And I got to the part of the journey where the road appeared to be very curvy. It was more than that. In daylight, in the right car, it could be a really exciting drive. All I could see for the last twenty miles was this curvy road and the places where if you miss the road, you go down into blackness. I don’t kmow how far down but any part of off the road, I did not want.

While I met only two cars on this lonely stretch of road, there was one bright spot. Every so often call boxes were placed in pull outs. There was a way to get help if I needed it. I wasn’t looking at my phone to know if it had a signal and in the hills I did not know if it would have. It was a great relief to see the call boxes appear out of the blackness as though they were lighthouses and I was a ship trying not to crash on the rocks.

Isn’t that the way Jesus leads us? He leads us down the road of our lives. He puts help within our reach and is there to see us through the darkness. All we have to do is pray and His help is on the way. Jesus gives us the peace and comfort of knowing He is there with us to help us. When you find yourself not being able to see through the darkness, reach out to Jesus and He will see you safely through.

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