Little Miracles

I used to think God didn’t do many miracles anymore. You read about all the great miracles God did in the Bible but then you think, “Why doesn’t God do them today?” I used to wonder about that. I don’t anymore. I discovered God does little miracles every day.

There was a little miracle God did for me at school. I am usually the last person to leave each day so I make sure all the doors are locked. As it gets dark early in the fall, I always make sure the parking lot lights come on. They are on an automatic timer. I looked out the windows of my classroom but did not see the lights on. When I left, I planned to go out through the electrical room making sure the parking lot was lit. I stepped outside to go to the electrical room and saw the parking lot lights on. As I was already planning to go out that way, I decided to keep on with my plan. It was shorter for me anyway. Entering the room, all was fine but on exiting the other side and thus to an unsecure area in the parking lot, I found the door unlatched. I closed it and proceeded on my way. Some maintenance had been done earlier on the day and the door had not gotten closed properly.

Then it hit me. If I had seen the parking lot lights on from my classroom, I would have gone out another door leaving the school vulnerable. It seems like such a small thing. Could God really be that interested in my life? Does He care that much? I believe He does. He wants to be our father. He wants to have the relationship with us just like a son and father do. The little ones want to be like dad and do everything like him. They want to spend time with dad. It is the same with God. He is our Father and we are the little ones. We come to Him, want to spend time with Him and want to be just like Him.

It is time to take hold of God’s hand and trust where He leads you in life. You may not know where your going but with “Dad” there it will always be great!

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