Just Beachy

Every weekend I go to the beach. I only live 30 miles away. Why would I not go? It is one awesome thing about life in California. What does one find at the beach? Yes, sometimes it’s a way to beat the heat of the California’s Central Valley. But there is much more than that.

Relaxing is the word you hear a lot when talking about the beach. What is it about waves and an ocean that melt our troubles away? Warm sand (sometimes) on your feet and cool (or cold) water. It’s a recipe made in heaven and brought here by God.

We listen to the sound of the waves crashing into the shore. That sound lets all your other thoughts disappear for a while. It is all you hear. Each time it is the same but it is always different too. Your mind relaxes.

The view into the ocean is spectacular. I don’t care what the weather is, it’s always stunning. Even in the fog there is a simple beauty. I do go to the same beach almost every week. I love to see each of its moods from cool to cold and from sunny to foggy. Each time you see another part of its personality.

The beach touches us as much as we touch it. There is the cool water on your skin or the smooth and rough sand on your feet as you walk along. Not to mention all the other finds on the beach. Sea shells, driftwood and smooth stones can all be found there.

The beach is a delight to each of our senses and I believe that is why it calls to us. It overpowers us. It lets us know it is bigger and more powerful than any of us. You never see the same wave twice either. The ocean gives us the sense of normalcy while keeping itself fresh and new for our minds. It’s just the place to be!

One other thing the ocean and beach do. As you stand there looking out to sea, it reminds us there is a god. There is a God in heaven who is larger and stronger than any ocean wave. There is a God who is stronger and wiser than all our problems. There is a God who cares about us and loves us without end, just like the waves. The beach lets us see God and hear God. Stand on the beach and listen and look to the ocean. You will find God there. Seek Him with all your heart and let Him direct your steps.

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