It seems like most surprises can be bad ones. That’s all we hear about anyway. A flat tire or an oil leak and your car surprises you. Sometimes you are surprised you can’t do certain things anymore as you get older. That is not a good surprise. And on and on we can go. Many more examples of bad surprises. But every once in a while, there is a good surprise.

Something happens to totally surprise us and it is not anything bad. It is a good surprise. I had the a good surprise yesterday. A friend stopped by at school. A friend I don’t see very often. And we got to talk and catch up on things. It was a welcome and wonderful time. And as the saying goes, all good things must end. This good thing was no different.

My good surprise ended with the start of school for the afternoon. But it was a lift to my day. It made the burdens and cares lighter for an afternoon, at least. It also gives me a lift when I think about this surprise later on. What a great memory!

I am thinking of another really fantastic surprise. This one will take us all by surprise. For some it will be good and for others it will be a bad surprise. The day Jesus comes back to earth will be the biggest surprise of all. Jesus will give each of us our reward. Some will not get in His holy city and some will. I am planning to be on the inside, next to Jesus. I want to hear Him say, “Well done.” I want to see my mansion Jesus built for me. I want to run up and hug Him most of all. But the best thing about this good surprise besides being with Jesus is it never has to end!

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