Outdoor Church

One of the things that has changed here in California is church. Obviously, during the pandemic, the churches are closed. Well, at least they are here. But we can meet outside. Right now we meet on the church yard and part of the parking lot. And there are those still meeting with us on Zoom too.

Church changed and things may never go back to the way they were. But one thing to realize is the building is not the church. It is all of us who worship God. That’s what church is. All of us coming together to celebrate God and what He has done for us. Where it is doesn’t really matter. It could be a sidewalk, an alley or a park. Wherever we are together to worship God, He is there.

Even just on Zoom when all church was digital, it is still church. We came together to praise the Lord. Pandemic or no pandemic, nothing should keep us from our worship of God. However we have to meet, it is a good thing.

Maybe it takes a pandemic for God to get our attention. Maybe we just needed to be shaken up a bit. God says, “Here is your wake up call.” Now it’s time for us to put Him first in our lives. Time for us to awaken from our slumber. It is time for us to be “all in” for Him. Give Him your heart. Yes, all of it. He has answers for all our problems. He has ways we know nothing about. Put Him first in your life and in your heart. Let God direct your path and amazing things will happen!

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