A Little Bit of Nothing and Maybe Something

Usually I have a topic to write about. I have worked it over inside my head so it flows easily into my computer. Today, however, is the exception. I have several thoughts bouncing around in my mind but nothing clear and definite. Nothing screaming to be written about. Maybe it’s because things have been so busy at school and I haven’t had time to think about much else lately. So nothing is really my topic for this post.

Yes, there are things to mention. My son is buying a manufactured home. Back in the day, we called them trailers. He got the news today that he is approved! It is an old manufactured home (I remembered what to call it) but it will be his to fix up how he wants. He may not show it much but he is really excited about it. He is ready to have a place of his own.

We all want a place of our own. A place where we can come to to get away from the world and all its influences. We all want a home. And there is fantastic news! We can all have a home of our own built especially for each one of us. This one is very affordable too. It doesn’t cost money. It takes a relationship with Jesus. That’s it. That entitles you to a home in heaven built by God’s hands and built just for you! You can have things here and now. You can take what this world offers. Or you can come to Jesus. Tell Him what’s in your heart. Let Him lead you into a beautiful life. I know I am ready to live in a heavenly home. How about you?

Well, as it turns out, I did end up with a topic. I just let God lead my thoughts and my writing. And this is where we ended up. Talking about being with Jesus. That’s something to live for!

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