I need to apologize to my readers for not posting these past couple of weeks. School started online and things have happened at a frenetic pace. But I am posting now.

The other day scrolling through Facebook, I came across something to do. It was one of those ways to find out the two things you need for the year 2020. Just a little fun and maybe funny time waster. This one was using your phone number. You might need liquor or beer among other things.

I tried it. It wanted to use the last two digits of your phone number. That’s fine. No big deal. My last two numbers happen to be the same number. In this case, four and four. What would I need in 2020? It’s all just for fun. Moving down the the list to see what was listed under the number four, I was surprised to see this. It is actually very true for everyone.

Next to the number 4 was the word, Jesus. And with my phone number having fours for both last numbers, it would seem I need a double portion of Jesus in 2020. I believe that is actually true. Jesus sent me a message using Facebook. But that same message that is true for me is true for all of us. This year, as well as any other year, we all need a double portion of Jesus in our lives. We all have more stress, more needs and less time. The best thing is all we need to do is ask Jesus to come into our lives and He will. His Spirit will live in us and we will live for Him. Our lives will be changed for the better just by seeking Him every day.

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