Praying Mantis

I went to get my oil changed this morning. I also got the brakes inspected. Just the normal routine service but there was one part that needed replaced. So I waited. You know how that goes. Waiting is that part of life we don’t like. We wait in line, wait for things to get done and wait on God. As Americans, waiting seems to be a waste of our time.

But as I had some time to kill, I walked down the little strip mall in town. A couple of restaurants, the dry cleaners, and a new coffee shop. Yes, I do like my coffee. And what better way to spend extra time.  I went inside and, unlike Starbucks, there was no line at all. The two staff were very friendly and helpful. In no time I had my beverage, a cold vanilla latte.

Walking back to the shop to wait on my car, I spotted a praying mantis in the parking lot. I watched him for a couple of minutes and he did not move hardly at all. Then I resumed my leisurely stroll back to the shop.

On the way, I was thinking about the praying mantis. The praying mantis looks so much like someone praying that it is in its name. What if we were named for what we did? Would we have Phone Bill or Jumping Jack? Ok, my bad attempt at humor. But you get the idea. What if we were Praying Paul or Helpful Hannah? Would we act differently? What would you like your name to be? And how would that change your relationship with God? A person is known by their actions.

Maybe we should be more like the praying mantis and pray more. Maybe we should be more caring or more loving. Maybe the one thing we should prioritize is the one thing we see easiest to cut out of our day and that is our time with God. All of the great people in the Bible had one thing in common. They spent time with God. And so should we. Take a hint from the mantis and pray.

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