Life Plans

I teach school. You know that if you have been reading my blog for some time. Here it is two weeks before school and I am writing my lesson plans. I am also doing about ten million other things too or so it seems. Probably not that many but there are many things to do to prepare for school. There are even more items on the to do list in a pandemic and we still do not know if we are opening online or in person. It is a busy time but the lesson plans are the most important item to be done.

Why are lesson plans the most important item? Because it is school and we are here to teach the things students need to know to do successful in life. As a teacher, lessons are planned out to maximize learning and so each student has the opportunity to learn the best way for them. Lesson plans include the objective, whatvactually happens in class and a way to assess if the students understood the information. Maybe we need life to be this same way.

What would life look like if we did have lesson plans for each of our lives? Hopefully, our lives would look about the same as they do now. But I believe had we planned things, life would be a lot different for most of us.

Is our life assessment at your funeral? That’s when people stand up and tell all the good you have done. I guess that would be like your report card not so much like an everyday test or quiz. Maybe one should think about life before they get their “report card.” Maybe that’s what God wants us to do. Maybe if each of us follows God’s life plan things would be different. Maybe we wouldn’t have made such a mess of things. You can always start fresh. God says come to me. You come and He forgives. It really is that simple. He can mend any life and make it worthwhile. Make the choice to follow God’s lesson plan for your life and see what good things He has in store for you!

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