All That Confidence

I heard a phrase the other day and it has stuck with me. I don’t remember hearing it before but its meaning seemed very clear. It may even have been from a television show; I am not really sure. But the phrase has impacted my thinking. What is the phrase? I know you are wondering that by now. Just keep reading to find out.

All that confidence in your God but still you fear. There is the sentence I heard that has changed my thinking. Do we really have confidence in God? If we do, won’t we act differently? Confidence is another word for trust. If we trust God and believe in what he says, should we fear anything? We should step out in faith knowing God is with us. And then, if we believe we are doing God’s will, then we should move forward boldly and without fear.

Isn’t that the way trust works? If we believe, then we move forward knowing that what we believe in is assured of being done. This works whether we are trusting God or trusting someone. For example: we believe in electricity. We believe when we flip the light switch, lights come on. We do not doubt. We move forward as though we are assured of the electricity flowing and our light coming on. This is how we should be.

It is difficult to get to that level of trust. It takes work on our part. It takes exercising faith like we use our muscles. We should work out our faith muscles every day as well as our body muscles.

If we really trust God, if we really have confidence in God, then we should move forward boldly knowing God will accomplish His work through us. Have faith and take the first step, the second step and the third step. And then keep walking where God leads you to go. What could be accomplished if we all moved out boldly for God?

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