All Good Things, Revisited

About three years ago, I wrote about when a good thing comes to an end. Today I experience another good thing ending. I got to spend this past week or so with my sons. Yes, they are adults and so sometimes they had to work but it was a fun visit. I can’t tell you all the things we did. Sometimes it’s more about just hanging out and being together. But it was a great time!

Three years ago, I was returning from Poland. Today, I am just returning from Kansas. It’s not the distance that matters. The thing that really is matters is who you are visiting. It has been just over a year since I had seen my sons. Talking on the phone is good and so are video calls. But there is something about being there in person, being with your family and sharing all the moments of your trip with them. Those we love and care about, we miss.

That is why we go. We go to share some experiences with those we love. We go because somehow it makes us happier to be together. Even just shopping or a short hike can be an event. There is so much more you can share when you are there in person. And then it ends. All your happiness is stored inside to playback in your mind until your next visit. We go because God has called us to be somewhere for Him.

A sad time, yes. But there is coming a time when all good things do not end. All good things go on forever. It never ends. Where is this place? It is when God brings us to heaven. It is the longing to be with Jesus that will bring us to heaven. It is the relationship you have established with Him that will make you long to be in heaven with Him. How do you bring Jesus into your family? Just talk to Him. Just study His words. Let Him into your heart. This is the beginning of the never-ending good things for you! Take time with Jesus daily and let the good things roll.

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