Taken for Granted

Our world and the United States has changed much over the last few months. Things are trying to get back to normal. Places are opening and some are closing whether temporarily or for good. Just a few months ago, no one would have ever thought this possible. I would not have.

One thing we have been given is time. Time is not to be taken for granted. Most of us have had ample time at home. It is how we used used the time we were given that makes the difference. Nothing wrong with playing a video game or two as long as the game didn’t last all 4 months of this pandemic. Nothing wrong with a little flower planting or gardening. Nothing wrong with lots of things. Hopefully, we didn’t let things crowd out what’s really important. The really important things should be the same for most of us. God and family. Family need you to give them time. Time to be there and do things together. It can be a video call or an email or an activity. Just do it together. God needs your attention too. He asks for a relationship with each one of us. He gives us His grace and forgiveness freely. All we have to do is ask. No one has been too bad. God’s grace covers everything.

There are also the small things we overlooked almost every day. Eating inside a restaurant, going shopping somewhere that’s not a grocery store or Walmart and being able to be together as a group. Look around. See what you miss. See what and who you have overlooked.

Now it’s time to stop taking all we have for granted. Now it’s time to say, “Thanks,” to all those who worked through the crisis and those we never noticed before. Now it’s time to do something instead of just sitting there. You want the world to change? Change has to start somewhere. Let it start with you. Be the one who takes initiative. Be bold and confident. Go forward.

You can change the world by changing you heart too. God desires a relationship with you. His grace will cover you. God sent His Son to die for your sins. Jesus covered all of them. Don’t let Him be taken for granted either. Use your time each day to spend some of it with Jesus. Make Him your best friend. Talk to Him throughout the day. At night when you lay down, thank Him for being there to help you during the day. Invite Jesus into your heart and watch the world change.

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