School is out and summer is here and I am still as busy or even busier than I was. Yes, I have become a student again for about a month this summer. A college student. With classes that last only a couple of weeks and all the assignments that must be done, I am just like the beaver or the pika or the ant.

Yes, I need these classes for teacher certification things but sometimes I wonder if teachers take classes so they remember what being a student is like. Think back. Way back. All the way to elementary school. Do you remember what it was like? How were you treated by the teacher and the other students? Maybe we as teachers forget that sometimes. Maybe this is the way we remember. And it helps us learn.

In my online college classes, it moves at a quick pace. The class is only 2 or 3 weeks long. And everything has to get done in that timeframe. So it does keep me up late studying. I am always working on some assignment for class. Then, there is the research paper. It is a whirlwind process and I have already learned a few things.

Some homework will always happen. Some grades will always be given. Remember your students. Think about them as you plot your course. How did I feel doing homework? At first it was overwhelming. Then it started msking sense. I made a plan to conquer all my homework. And so far, the plan seems to be working.

We are all students. Students learning about Jesus. Every day we have the opportunity to draw closer to Him. We can do it. We can learn about the Bible and Jesus. But it is not just a knowledge Jesus wants. He comes into your heart. Jesus came to earth to save us and He did just that by His death on the cross. Just don’t forget Him. Always maintain your relationship with Him. Knowing Jesus is the only way to pass the class of life.

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