Things I Forgot…

Here I am going to be teaching when school starts this fall. Back for another year or two. Maybe even more. Teaching is fun. Yes, it is also a ton of work and late hours and grading papers but you get to watch students learn. There is almost nothing better than that. The one thing teachers must have is their teaching certification.

I needed to basically upgrade my certification. It has been a year or decade or two since I taught school. Fortunately for me, kids are kids. There are the same the world over and from when time started. But I digress. It has also been a while since I was a college student. Guess what I have to do for my certification? That’s right. Go take some college classes. I needed 3 classes to be exact.

This year, the year of the corona virus, means all of my summer college courses are online. First, summer courses are compacted and intense. You usually have two to three weeks to complete a course. Not bad you say. Intense is definitely the right word. Having courses online is cheaper for me. I do not have to stay at the college this summer. But online is very stressful.

And that is what I forgot. I forgot about late nights staying up and doing homework. I forgot about getting so very stressed out because I don’t understand an assignment. Online college can be very difficult. One just can’t go ask your teacher except by phone or email. It makes homework a little harder and there is gobs and gobs of homework.

While being stressed out under this mountain of homework, there is one other very important thing I forgot. I lost sight of Who is helping me get through all these classes. God is helping me do this. I can’t do it. I get stressed out just thinking about it. I know it’s only a couple more weeks and it’s all over. I am looking forward to that day for sure. But God has got this. God has been teaching me for the few months or so that He has the answers even before I call on Him. God has the answers to college classes too.

Keep your eyes, and all the rest of you on God. He will take care of your stress. He will take care of your needs. He will take care of you, His child. God will even help you and me do our best in the classes we are taking! So stop, look up, and say a prayer. God is right there waiting for you!

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