The Opening

It is here! It’s finally here! The opening back up of the country after everyone’s coronacation. It’s time to not stay home. It’s time to be smart when you do go out. Social distancing and masks are still a thing here. But you can actually go into a store to shop now! It seems we all missed some seemingly little things. Even dining out while sitting inside a restaurant is special now. Doesn’t matter which restaurant. And, if you are like me, getting a hair cut will be a grand event. It has been a couple months or so since my last haircut.

What are you ready to go do? Maybe go to a national park? Probably some form of entertainment that doesn’t involve a tv or a computer. I think we have had enough of those for a while. How many of us would binge watch a show or two? It’s easy to do. It is time to get out and enjoy things. It could be just being with other people or maybe just shopping in a store. It’s going to take time for us to get used to all this again. We all want things back to normal; whatever normal looks like now.

Yes, we are ready for the opening of everything again. Yes, there will still be problems and issues and maybe even some cases of the virus still. But it’s something we need to do. Something that can’t be held back. We want to live our lives to the fullest.

And that is exactly what God wants. He wants us to live our lives to the fullest. We can do it. The way we do it is by following God and His leading. We do it by putting God first in our lives. We do it by opening our hearts to Him. It’s time to open your heart, just like opening the country. You’re ready. Let God into your open heart. Let Him take charge of your life. Live life to the fullest by following God’s design for you. Open up and let Him come in.

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