What do you think of when you hear the word “home?” Maybe it’s moments from your childhood. A Christmas you will never forget or a special time with your parents. We always see home as a good place. At least, for most of us. It’s somewhere to go when the going gets rough. It is a safe harbor for you. We always want to come home.

Now with the coronavirus,  we don’t come home much anymore because we are at home. Some, I am sure, are getting tired of being at home. Every day seems basically the same.  Is today Tuesday or Wednesday?  Nowhere to go so home may be getting boring. Maybe it is not the place we want to be now. Maybe we have been home too long. But we all like to come and go and the best part is coming home.

We long for home. We need to long for our home in heaven. Jesus has made us a home there. One that is perfect for each one of us. It is the one home we want to come to and the one we never want to leave. All it takes to own this home isn’t a full bank account but a relationship with Jesus. That is all. It will be a grand homecoming when Jesus takes all the righteous to heaven. Each of us will have our home for eternity. But even more important is the One who built the house for you. Just ask Him to be your best friend. He will lead you where He wants you to be. Listen to Him. Let Jesus into your heart and life and you will come home with Him.

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