My Morning Swim

It’s no secret I like to swim. I do it for exercise and it helps relax me. I do it almost every day. But for me, there is one time when the water just calls to me. It calls me to come and swim. It doesn’t happen very often unless I am at my sister’s house. She has a pool in her backyard.

I get up early while life is just waking up and I go out for a swim. It is an outdoor pool so the water is cooler then before the afternoon sun warms it. I gaze at the water. It is as smooth as glass. There is not a ripple or a wave anywhere. This is the magical moment. The water is peaceful and serene. I step into the water. Slowly, gently, I step into the pool. With each step I try not to disturb the water. Then as I stand on the bottom of the pool, pausing for a moment as if to keep this moment from passing, I push off the bottom. I glide out into that perfectly smooth water. I am the first to disrupt the glassy-like water. That moment makes my swim!

I glide out to the end of the pool. Every second I glide, I am the first to make waves. I am the first to cause a ripple. There is just something about those moments and being in the still water that moves me. And then I start to swim and begin doing some laps. It is pure relaxation. The magic is over for the day then. I will wait for the next time it happens.

It is just like life. Sometimes we try not to make waves but we always do. Not that waves are bad. Waves are just change. We tend to resist change even though sometimes change is for the best. And sometimes we tend to resist God even though His way is the best. We like to do it on our own. We can be very stubborn sometimes. Just like the water in the morning, God calls us. He calls us to come to Him. He calls us to make some waves. God calls us to a better life with Him. You just have to take the first step. Put your feet down on the first step of faith. Then the second. Soon you are gliding where God wants you to be. And He will carry you through.

2 thoughts on “My Morning Swim

  1. Swallowed by the water is like being swallowed by God’s peace. Love that time of day swim or late night! So peaceful!


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