What If. . .

What if all this virus stuff hadn’t happened and life had gone on like normal? What if we were still on our hurried pace? “What if” has been many a scenario for television and movies too. You can always second guess any decision but, for now, this one, staying home, has been made for us.

What do we do with all the time on our hands? Do we sit around watching tv and complaining about life? It would be great to have life back to normal even if normal isn’t quite the same. But before that happens, let’s take a look around. Take a close look.

Is there a roof over your head? Did you eat today? We usually don’t think twice about that stuff here in the United States. But it is a real possibility whether here or abroad. Have you been outside? Here it is spring. In California it means flowers like crazy. Lots and lots of flowers. I am bird watcher. I always notice the birds around me. Even if it is just a mockingbird or a dove, the birds are still God’s handiwork. Just like the flowers. There is a bright, blue sky punctuated with some easy going clouds. It, too, is God’s handiwork.

What if life hadn’t slowed down? What if life hadn’t hit a standstill? Would we still have noticed the flowers or the birds or the clouds floating by? Maybe God sent us this time to slow us down so we notice Him. Maybe we will count our blessings now that we have time to do it. Maybe we will find our blessings are more than we can count. And maybe we actually pay attention to the One who gave us all those blessings. Next time you feel bored or stuck or just out of sorts, take a look around. Take that close look. Ask yourself “What if.” And take notice who is right beside you. God is always there just waiting for us to see Him.

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