The Formula

Now, if you know me, I am not Albert Einstein with math. Usually, I can understand a formula and make the problem come out right. Every once in a while you run across the one thing that you just can’t figure out. Really it wasn’t the formula that got me. It was how to get the fraction that was the problem. It came from some statistics. The numerator was from this and the demoninator was from that. If I could get it right, the rest was easy or fairly so.

The same thing happened to me in college. I attempted to take calculus. My mistake. The instructor used “wiffle dust” to make his examples come out right. I just wasn’t magical enough, I guess. Yes, I ended up dropping the course. Higher mathematics and me don’t get along so well.

There are all sorts of formulas in the world too. Some tell us how are bank account is doing or how much we made (lost) in the stock market or even ones to predict the outcome of a possibly deadly disease.

We use formulas that are not math based too. A farmer plants a seeds and waters them and expects the seeds to grow. Simple but still a formula. Some novels are written by formula too. The same pattern occurs in each book. Just the details change.

Life isn’t all formulas and right outcomes though. It doesn’t always go according to the plan. Sometimes there is no right answer or so it seems. There is one formula that always works. The one where we pray to God and He answers. Along with that is the formula of giving God your heart and He gives us peace and takes care of us. Those formulas never fail.

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