There is one thing dominating everyone’s life right now. Yes, it is the coronavirus. It is the one thing giving you time. Time with your family and time just to be home. Some of us are still working, however. Working from home for the most part. Maybe you are one of the lucky few whose job is considered essential. By essential I mean if you don’t do your job the world could stop. My son’s job is that way. He does maintenance for some gas stations and food marts. It is definitely an essential job.

What is essential to one person is not always essential to another. One day while going to my chiropractor appointment, I saw what someone must have deemed an essential job. To me, it wasn’t even close. There is a BBQ place in town, and when I stopped at this red light, there on the sidewalk was a guy holding an arrow pointing the way to the restaurant. That was bad enough but he was dressed up in a pig suit! I have no idea how you call that essential.

It does make you stop and think though. What is essential? What is essential in your life? Are there things you could do without? What actually makes something or someone essential? And the questions could go on and on. What we really need are answers. It is really up to you to determine what is essential in your life. Family would make the essential list for most of us. A car? Usually essential here in the United States. What else would make your essential list?

I know the first essential thing on my list. It may not even make someone else’s list. I know God is essential in my life. He has led me all along. Sometimes you just don’t recognize the fact He is leading. But He is there for me. And I know He is there for you too. All you have to do is ask. God is right beside you, waiting for you to ask Him for help. That’s all it takes. He has been gently nudging you in the right direction your whole life. Just trust Him and give your heart to Him. Let God take your hand and lead you through. God will never fail!

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