One thing that happens to me as a teacher is every day I get questions. I get questions about school work and the different subjects and occasionally I will get the personal question about my age or whatever. I am sure many other people get lots of questions too. Police officers or politicians, maybe. Then there are some people that ask questions. They would those trying to repair things or doctors and people in the medical field. Or anyone trying to help you. Why do we ask questions?

Somewhere inside us, we want to know. We want to know what happened in the world, in our state or in our city. We want to know, well, a little bit of everything. Mostly, I think we want to know about things that affect us. So we ask. And ask and ask. I don’t know how many questions the average person has to answer in a lifetime or how many they will ask, but it has got to be a staggering number.

Why do we want to know? See, another question. I also believe there is something deeper than just knowing what affects us. I think God put something in each of us to ask and seek Him. How do we find God? Do we want to find God? Where do we find God? How do we talk to Him? All good questions and maybe some of them we have even asked.

The good news is there are answers for all those questions. Maybe not the answers we would like but answers just the same. And all these answers are surprisingly simple. God has been right beside you your whole life. All you have to do is start praying. And prayer is just a conversation with God. Nothing fancy. Nothing difficult. I believe God put in all of us to want to find Him. He wants to save us, to have us be home with Him forever. So just reach out and start a conversation with God tnow. Talk to Him; ask Him questions. You will get answers. Make Him one of your best friends!

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