I am not sure what to title this week’s blog. The students I teach in grades 2 and 4 just came up with an idea I had never even imagined. It was Bible class. We began to talk about the stories we had studied and how we can reach out to others.

Yes, all the usual answers were there. You know how it goes. We can read the Bible and pray and so on. But I keep trying to get them to find other ways and other people to reach out to besides the school and the church. Finally, they hit on an idea I had did not think of. It was a puppet show. And then not too much longer and they thought of taking the puppet show on the road to nursing homes or children’s hospitals and the like.

The amazing thing about all this is I had been thinking and praying as what to do as an identity for our school. Some are known for great academics, some are known for science program and some are known for their music program. And hopefully, this can be the start of something great.

I know it will take a lot of extra work. I asked each of the students if they were committed to it. But if we can do it and do it well, it gives us an opening to meet people in our city and a way to share Jesus with others. It gives us a way to seve Him by spreading the gospel. And when kids get behind something, there is no stopping them and no way to know where it will lead.

I ask that each one please pray, as hope springs up in my heart, that we have found a way to serve our God and our fellow man. I will be praying too. And let hope grow and blossom.

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