The Mission and the Mountain, Part 2

Last week, I went on a little day trip to San Juan Bautista, a little town near where I live. If you remember, I told you about the mission. Today, I will tell you about the mountain, Fremont Peak. It is the highest peak in the area.

It seems the same person makes the roads up these little mountains out here. All of them so far have been little, narrow, twisting roads up the sides of the mountains. It looks like a short drive when you start but the sign says 13 miles and you wonder if the sign is correct. A while later, you wonder if the road is ever going to end. Finally, you see a signs of being in a park as you ascend higher and higher up the mountain.

And then, a parking lot. Not a huge lot, but big enough. One direction is picnic tables and camping spots. There is the self-pay station too. Only $8 a day. As I get out to pay, I notice a road leaving the parking lot and continuing upwards. I decide to drive up the road. Maybe a quarter-mile later, another parking lot. This is where I start my journey. A service road also goes up from where I have parked but there is also a trail leading to the peak. I take the trail and am treated to many great views.

A small, gravel path starts my journey up. A few rocks in my way but easy overcome. The longer I hike the rocks become more prevalent. Still not difficult but I just want to be as sure-footed as possible. The hike itself only lasts about 30 minutes. It took me longer because I was stopping to take lots of pictures.

I did not meet anyone on this first part of the trip but it seems I was hiking around the mountain to get to the top. On the other side, it opens to a mountain meadow of sorts.

I encountered several different groups of people while over here and on my way to the peak. Just note, it is a popular destination so it may be crowded in a warmer season. I had made a few mistakes too. I wore my jeans. I have found my hiking pants are lighter weight and more weatherproof. Now in the bright sun, I realized I had forgotten my hat. Fortunately, it was not a very long walk. As I neared the peak, the last part was a scramble up the rocks to the pole marking the summit.

It was very windy at the top but very beautiful as well. I was reminded that Jesus is our Rock, our Refuge. Jesus will stand firm no matter how hard the winds blow or what storms come. He is the One we can always depend upon. Jesus will always be there for each and every one of us!

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