I visited a state park near me about a week ago. It was Henry W. Coe State Park. It is a huge park and even has a wilderness area in it. There are mountain lions living in the park too. I am sure the mountain lions are back in the wilderness area somewhere. But it is a great place to go to reboot yourself.

Getting to the entrance of the park takes some time. At least the entrance close to Morgan Hill, that is. This was my first time there so I went to the main entrance. I needed to get some information about the park. I didn’t get started till afternoon. The short drive to Morgan Hill was very pleasant. It was from there things got trickier. The drive up the hill, or maybe mountain, seems as daunting as being in the Rockies and driving on the little, narrow roads with hairpin turns. It was just like that. Up this little road that twisted and turned every which way. About an hour later, I arrived. I drove into the parking lot past a couple of buildings that looked their age.

The folks volunteering inside the building were fairly knowledgeable about the park and how to get there. They were very helpful. I should note it is $8 a day to use the park. I did not want to hike too long since it was already mid-afternoon. I decided on one hike that was shorter but very steep.

Off I go up the hill. First on road and then on the trail. I saw remnants of the last snow laying in small patches on the ground. It was about 45 degrees and cloudy but still an exciting day. It was a perfect day for a hike.

A short, 15 minute walk, or almost a climb, brings you to the top of the mountain. The path runs around the edge and lets you see all the vistas. There are even benches to sit on stationed in just the right spots. I did what I always do. Take pictures. And there is always one other thing to do. I thank God for the beautiful world I live in. Sometimes you need to get away from everything and just meet God.

Even if you do good every day on your job, you need to come apart from everything and just simply meet God. Just like your computer, you need to reboot yourself. After too many days, just get away and be with God. This world has a way of wearing you down. Don’t let it get you down. Come apart from your work and normal days and be with God. God also made a provision for this every week. He made the Sabbath. On the seventh day, we come together to worship God. And once again, we get a reboot. With every reboot, you get this infusion of God straight into your heart!

Take the time to get away and reboot yourself. Take the time to pause and be with God. Take time each week on the Sabbath to meet with Him, our Creator. And find time to also get away from the whole world and let God speak to your heart. Let Him in and listen while He speaks. Give God the time to reboot you!

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