The Game

It is the biggest game in pro football. You know, that really super one. This year, it was a special game for me. I have been cheering for my team for about 30 years or so and they have never made it to the big game. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when when they beat the Texans to just be in that game! I would be proud of the team no matter how they did but you always hope for a win.

They have a young quarterback. Was he too young? Could he do it? The other team, the bad guys as I call them, was pretty good too. Maybe, just maybe, there was hope! The team’s defense worried me. It did not always seem to be the best but the offense was fantastic. I had hope.

The day finally arrives for the most super football game. A tie score at halftime. Not bad but my team was not playing like my team. I started to worry and lose hope. The third quarter starts. I lost hope as the bad guys went up by 10 points. I thought it was over. All the bad guys had to was run the football. They had not really been stopped all game. Hope was gone.

Six minutes left in the game. My team still down by 10 points. I talked to my son on the phone. He told me all they need was one big play. And then it happened. They got the one big play. A 40 yard pass. Soon after, a touchdown! Down by 3. Hope wants to come back. Seemingly impossible things happen. Another touchdown for my team! They are ahead by 4. The defense does it job and we get the ball back. Amazingly, on what seems a simple run, another score! Now up by 11 with less than two minutes to play. My team is going to win! What a thrilling comeback!

They did win. And for me, it was awesome. But the one thing to learn is to always have hope. Never give up on your team, yourself or your dreams. And never, ever give up on God. When hope seems gone and it seems like all is lost, God will come through. He always does. Even if it comes to the end of life, God will win in the end. And so will you. There is never a time in life to lose hope, to lose faith. Carry on with a smile knowing God is in control!

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