I have started watching an old tv show on Netflix. It is called “Doomsday Preppers”. It’s all about these people who prepare or prep for some sort of coming disaster whether it be a total financial collapse or a huge tsunami or anything in between and the extremes these people go to just to be ready.

All of them do some of the same things just in different ways. They all store food. Some have years worth of food packed away in secret caches. Some have plans to live off the land and use their hunting skills. All of the preppers also keep extra water. They have gallons and gallons saved up for the coming doom. Most try to have renewable sources of water and food as well.

Then there is the problem of shelter. Somewhere safe to keep you, your family and all this food you have stored. Preppers go to great lengths to keep locations and caches secret. They bury small but eloborate bunkers several feet underground. The biggest problem with all of this is security. All of them believe that in the event society breaks down, people will turn to looting and rioting and whatever to find food for themselves. Every prepper owns a multiple weapons and has a security plan. They all think the hardest thing will be keeping what they have stored. One of the preppers even set a bear trap to keep people out!

I also believe if a societal collapse comes, the worst in people will come out. But I do not believe it will actually happen. The Bible tells us that all things will continue till Jesus comes. I am not saying the world won’t change and there won’t be any horrible things happen. I am saying our society will carry on through till Jesus comes.

There is one important lesson to learn. All of us should be “preppers.” Not to store food and ride out the next disaster but to be ready when Jesus comes. The one thing all should be prepping for is a home in heaven. That’s where your shelter is. That’s where your safety is. It’s not in how much you can store or save. It is based on where your heart is. Put Jesus in your heart! Jesus is the one who can save you no matter what disaster comes. So be the ultimate prepper and be ready for anything by letting Jesus in your heart!

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