Did you ever have one of those cars with traction control? It works great when driving on the road under normal conditions. Then it sends commands to each drive wheel for more traction or not. In the rain, it comes in very handy. It is one of those features your car has and you may not even realize it.

But what happens when you go off the road? Or when there really isn’t traction like when it snows? Then traction control can be your worst enemy. I had a car with traction control. When it snowed, the car kept trying to send traction to one wheel and then another and back again. The result: you never went anywhere. I got in the habit of just turning my traction control off all winter. Today, a coworker got her (yes, it was a woman driver..ha,ha) vehicle stuck in the mud. Just one of those situations where things happen and they go from bad to worse. I got in her car and made an attempt to drive it out of the mud. I saw a light come on. I didn’t go too far at all. The light said TTC. It was some sort of traction control. I found the button to turn it off and then made another attempt to drive it out. A little rocking back and forth and then the car started moving forward. Once you are moving, you don’t stop. Giving it enough gas to keep the vehicle moving forward and with a little bit of a slide, I drove the car out of the mud. I said a quick prayer before attempting to drive the car out of the mud. So while I feel like the hero in the story, I believe God helped me see the light (the traction control light) to help me do this quickly.

Why tell you this story? It is one of friendship and helpfulness, for sure. But it’s also a story about traction. Traction in the things you do. Just always keep on going. Never stop. Momentum is a real thing. The more you go, the more you do. And the better off you will be!

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