Point Lobos

I decided to start my new year with something special. I went to Point Lobos State Preserve. It is a state park on the ocean with hiking trails and 3 or 4 beaches you can access. There are several trails too. I found myself without a map. I didn’t know you had to buy one so I drove to the end of the road which is at Bird Island.

Bird Island is a parking lot, picnic area with bathrooms and a trail. It is also an island where lots and lots of birds live. At least, it appeared that way when I arrived. Later in the day most of the birds had flown off of Bird Island.

After exploring the path to Bird Island, I found a steep set of stairs to Gibson Beach. It is a perfect little cove. The ocean comes in and the morning sun was shining down. It is the place to have your personal getaway. It is a place to just stay the day and relax. That would, of course, depend on high tide.

After exploring Gibson Beach, I turned to the path along the ocean. Even though the weather had clouded up again, the views were awesome! I hiked as far as I could go because the trail was closed for repairs. But with all my picture taking and just stopping to revel in the beauty, it still took two to three hours to hike. When I got back to the Bird Island parking lot and picnic area, I sat and ate lunch while watching the scenery! It was a fantastic day!

I think God left the oceans to show us how awesome He is. We see His power, His might, His majesty. People are drawn to the oceans. Studies show living by the ocean so you can hear the waves is actually good for you. It relieves stress. Then I think about a God who can control the oceans with all their raw power and know the same God loves and cares about you and me so much. So much so He sent His Son to die in our place. Amazing isn’t it? This same awesome, powerful God who controls the oceans loves you and me so much too!

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