The Longest Christmas

Why am I writing about Christmas even after it’s over? It is the one time of year when people understand what it means to be kind and helpful and loving. It’s what we should always do.

I was with my sister and her husband for Christmas this year. It was just a simple time having fun just being together. Neither of her kids and grandkids could make it there. But they will all be together in a few weeks. All the Christmas decorations and Christmas trees are staying up until then. There will be Christmas cookies and pies (I love pie). There will be presents too. There will be a house full of love and laughter and hope. And it will be a joyous celebration.

Christmas is but one day a year. That is true. But God put it in us to live like it is Christmas all year round. Live where we help people. Live to love people. Live to be friendly and giving. That is what God wants in our hearts. He wants us to be like Him. Jesus wants to live in our hearts.

There is one other point to this. Kids always come home. That’s just the way it is. And it is a good thing. It’s usually a great time when your kids come home. You always look forward to their coming. You prepare the house and the food. You want everything to be perfect. Then the big day comes. You wait with anticipation. You couldn’t be happier when your kids arrive home. That is just how God feels. There is a time when He is coming back to take His children home with Him. We as God’s children should be anticipating that day. When I am excited about something, I tell everyone. We should be excited about Jesus coming back! I know I want to go home to heaven with Jesus. I hope you will be there too.

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