Wise Men

What makes a wise man? Or what makes the wise men of Christmas so wise? We call them “wise men” but what does that mean? There are things we know about them and things we think we know. One thing for sure, they were wealthy. The gifts they brought baby Jesus were expensive costing even up to a year’s wages for a normal person. Another thing we know is that they were astronomers. They watched the stars. They also had some knowledge of the prophecies concerning Jesus. They had been studying those prophecies and looking for the coming king.

While these kings and friends watched the night sky, the y saw something they had never seen before. They saw a new star! Here was something they got excited about. Here was news! It was a message from heaven sent to these wise men. And so, they decided to follow the star. What a leap of faith! These wise men got the message from heaven and acted on it. We should do the same. God speaks to us through His word and we should act. That must be part of being a wise man.

The wise men were doing one thing that really makes them special. At least, I think so. They were studying the prophecies. They made time to study God’s words. Here again another lesson for us today. But you say I just don’t have the time. You have time for whatever you want. If you really want to do it, you will find a way and find the time. Turn off the TV sometime and read about God. Listen to Him speak to you. Which is more important?

From all this we can know what makes a truly wise man. A wise man acts on faith. A wise man takes time to study about God. A wise man listens to God speak. But the one thing that really sets a wise man apart from all the other people is he will have Jesus in his heart. He will seek Jesus first. That is what makes a wise man wise. There is one more thing. Come to Jesus and open your heart to Him and you will be a wise man too.

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