The Christmas Play

Christmas means many different things to each one of us. Some countries don’t celebrate Christmas. That seems odd to us who do and have probably done it all our lives. To most of us it is a time to be with family and celebrate by giving presents to each other.

Christmas is also the time we celebrate Christ’s birthday. I don’t know what a lot of families do nor do I have a lot of data supporting one way or another. The whole was started to celebrate Jesus.

Even with all the secular items that have found their way into Christmas, it still is primarily a religious holiday. The real and only reason Christmas exists is to remember Jesus. And so it is that we perform the school Christmas play.

As I am back into teaching this year, the Christmas play tradition is still alive and well. First, we chose the play. Then comes the hard part. Practice. We do want to get it right and look good doing it. Each student practices their lines and where they stand and when to enter the scene. Over and over we practice. The students, led by the teachers, run through the play again and again.

Since I am mildly handy with tools, I built the stable to be our set. It is still not quite done as I write this but will be finished tomorrow. The whole play takes place in the stable setting so we would not have to try and change sets. We were hoping to keep it fairly simple this year. The play is simple with a simple message. Keep the meaning in Christmas. Don’t let Jesus get pushed aside because of all these other good things.

Sometimes, we forget. We let the rest of life creep in and take over. Before we know it, Jesus is not even there anymore. That is one thing we should not let happen. Whatever it takes, we should be with Him. In our worship every day, in our church service every week, and in our lives and hearts. No matter how many Christmas parties or how many shopping days left, make time for the One who we celebrate this Christmas season. Make time for Jesus, not just on Christmas, but on every day of your life. Let’s make every day of the year a special Christmas season!

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