The Hike

It all started simply. I would go to Pinnacles National Park and hike up to see the condors and go back down. That was the simple plan. But did not see any condors around when I stopped at the top. It was two miles up there. Not seeing any condors was a bit of a disappointment but came up with an alternate plan. It was about a 6 mile round trip but I thought I could do it based on what I had just walked up.

Off I started down the path. Just around the bend from where I was the trail changes. There are steps built into the rock and sometimes hand rails as well. It was going to be a bit harder than I thought. But feeling good, I pressed on.

There were several of these rock steps along this section of the trail. Besides being harder, it was going to take more time to hike.

At a rest stop just after this section, there was a couple looking at something. I had binoculars with me. I stopped and asked them what it was. It was a condor! It was a far away and could barley see it with binoculars but it was sitting in a small tree. All of us looked at it with binoculars and then I started down the trail again.

The hills and spires and rocks were beautiful. The scenery along my hike was spectacular!

I kept walking and finally the trail went downhill. Just a couple more miles and I would be back. It was a good hike but I was getting a little tired. I am not used to hiking like that. I will get me in shape though.

My hike is just like life. There was no turning back or quitting once I had gotten started. I would finish and go the distance. Do the same in life. Do not quit. Do not give up on yourself and God.

It is not easy to get to heaven and be with Jesus. The wide easy path is the one most everyone takes. But when you get to the rock steps and handrails, Jesus is there to you youb safe on your journey. He is there with you every step, no matter how difficult it is. The way to heaven is the narrow path that only few will take. With Jesus at your side, you will make it to heaven to be with Him!

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