A New Day

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to believe in yourself. It can be totally demoralizing if you let it. And therein lies the trick. How do you always have faith and confidence in yourself and God?

First, let your life be connected to God. He is the One true source of power and strength. Take the time to meet Him, to be with Him. It doesn’t always have to be in formal prayer. He gave us work to do. He knows you are busy. Just look up during your day and thank Him and ask Him for help.

Then, knowing you are connected to God, go do the things you need to and do them the best you can. God will help you. Somehow, He can make up the difference.

That is how it must have been when Enoch walked with God. To me, that is a big compliment. Enoch spent time with God. Some in formal prayer, I am sure. But I am betting a lot of it was more off the cuff. “Help, God.” Things like that.

We can have that same relationship with God that Enoch had. Enoch was not on this earth anymore. God took him to heaven. We can also walk with God. We can step into a new day. We can step into a new moment. Start whenever. Spend time with God. Pray in your worship and through the day. God doesn’t say the bumps will all disappear. He says He will help us. That’s the difference. Now, go with God.

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