Cars, Cars, Cars

Few things are as fun and frustrating as car shopping. Usually you start months in advance, looking at makes and models and prices. Whether new or used, each has its own set of things to look for. With the prices of new cars nowadays, I am always shopping in the used category. There you want the best deal at the lowest price. The lowest mileage you can get and a mechanically sound car. You hone your negotiating skills. You do all the research. Read on Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book websites. Check for common problems. And once you have all the answers and a few prospects to look at, you head out the door. Your excitement runs high. Anticipation makes your heart beat faster. I don’t know if buying a horse in the old west was like this or not. You would check the horse’s hooves. Check the tires of this steed. You want a trusty car and one who will be like a good friend.

I did just that. Started looking about 3 months or so in advance. Searched all over online but never found anything that was just right. Then I took a new job so I really needed a car for me. Especially since the job was in another town. Still could not find anything. Even looked at a 1998 Ford Mustang convertible.A nice car, yes, but it could have been a money pit too. So I passed on it. My sister found a car online and I was going to look at it when I came back to get my things. For some reason, it did not sell. I looked at it and yes, it was a great little car. No torn seats, had all the outside parts of the car and even ran great. So I bought it.

That is the way God is with us. Sometimes He tests our patience but just when you really need it, He comes through. This was my last chance to purchase a car before I had to leave for my new job. The day I was to leave was the day I was actually paying for the car and taking ownership. God will always come through for us. Yes, it would be nice if He wouldn’t wait till the last minute but what He does, He does for our best interests. Have faith. Believe. God can do mighty things through us and for us. Just come meet Him and make Him your friend!

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