Big Jesus

Let me start off by saying I have a new job. Not just a job but a career. I am now the principal of the Hollister SDA Christian School. Someday I will tell you the story of how that came to be. But that’s for another time. Today, I want to tell you the story of Big Jesus.

As a teacher, it falls to you to decorate your classroom. One of the important focal points is always the bulletin board. I had an idea about Jesus welcoming kids back to the classroom but wasn’t sure how to make Jesus. Well, I went to the internet. Found a Jesus I liked and printed it out. This one was only about two inches tall. I have a bulletin board that is about four feet by eight feet. Jesus would be lost if only that big.

Me and my witty brain started calling the print out “Little Jesus”. Just because that is what it was. Took Little Jesus to the copier. Got Jesus to be about ledger size. But not quite big enough.

I was telling a friend just that and she took I guess it would be Medium Jesus somewhere and got it enlarged even more. It was just the right size now. Yes, I called it Big Jesus.

I trimmed the excess paper from around Big Jesus and got him placed on the bulletin board. I made a little place for Big Jesus to stand and finished putting up the words too. It says simply, “Let’s Meet Jesus.”

We all know my paper cutout isn’t really Jesus. But it will get the point across and that is simply to come to Jesus.

There is another lesson for us too. One we tend to forget. Our Jesus, the real living Jesus, is also Big Jesus! He is big enough to handle our problems, help us with our fears and comfort us when we are down. Big Jesus is bigger than all my sins or your sins or even our sins put together. Big Jesus is big enough to handle anything!

Sometimes, we lose faith and stop trusting Big Jesus. We think we are too small or He is not strong enough. And we are dead wrong. Big Jesus is just that. Big and strong and loving. He wants us to come to Him and not be afraid of Him. Big Jesus is real, folks, and He is bigger than anything you’ve got. Test Him out. I have. Big Jesus just wants you to come to Him. That’s all. Nothing more.

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