A Beach of a Day!

A three-day weekend. What to do? I took the Sunday for me and decided to go to the beach. Searched for beaches near me and found a lot of them. There was one that was only a thirty-minute drive away. And it was a foggy morning so my hope was the beach would be less crowded. I knew it was going to be a good day!

After a seemingly short drive to the beach, the parking lot looked a bit full. It was just because I was not accustomed to the large crowds here in California that can really fill a beach. I was pleasantly surprised to find the beach without many people except for a couple dozen fishermen. I turned and started walking down the beach taking pictures. The fog was pretty thick this morning giving the sea an eerie feeling. As I walked , the only people I saw early were the fishermen. The were spaced out down the beach each with a rod or two standing in the sand. I did not see anything they had caught so it was either a bad day or they stash the fish somewhere.

Just walking and taking pictures and this time videos too. I will see if videos will run here or not.

And then later in the day the fog dissipated and the sun came out. It was a great way to spend a day in nature and becoming closer to God.

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