When you say the word “contact” many things may come to mind. Not that long ago it meant someone could pull the propeller of the plane and start the engine. It can mean the lens you stick in your eye every day or night to help you see. And it can mean the people you know or have met and would like to meet again.

Today contact is for those people you have contact with in some fashion whether it be email or telephone or Skype or any other hundred ways. We keep the numbers and names in our contact list so we can have it when we want. How many of those contacts do you actually know personally? Most of us have everything from BFF s to friends to casual acquaintances to business people. Who do you reach out and “contact” the most? Is it the copier guy who can’t quite seem to fix your copier? Or is it a friend you see almost daily? No matter who it is, there is one contact probably very few of us actually have in our list.

The one we should contact the most is the one who doesn’t require a phone or computer to contact. He is the One left off of our list. He doesn’t have a number. He just has a name, God. Or, if you wish, Dad. All it takes to reach Him is a quick prayer. Just call His name and He was already there, just waiting for you.

No voicemail, no unanswered texts, no being ignored. You call; He answers. Simple as that. T mobile and Sprint can’t even do that. OK, neither can Verizon. No need for Siri either.

The one thing to do is to talk to the One who is not in your contact list the most. Do it daily. Make a habit of it. Make your uncontact the most contacted. Talk to Him whenever you can through the day. I know I do. And those conversations change things. Try it and see what happens!

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