A Simple Thing

Today it seems the world has gone crazy. Just watch the network news sometime and it might scare you to death. There’s another mass shooting, the weather has gone totally crazy and the two political parties hate each other. Almost every day it is the same. So how does one stay happy in the midst of chaos?

That is the $64,000 question. How do we stay happy? What makes one happy? Is it always getting to do everything you want? It may seem like it but it isn’t. No amount of money can buy happiness either. Yes, I will grant you that. It does make things a lot easier. But if money and things doesn’t make you happy, what does? Is it power? You see the political mess in Washington these days. All the politicians are worried about is how to stay in power. But none of them look too happy. I don’t think that’s it.

Happiness can really only be found one place. In your heart. Happiness is found in true love. God tells us, “Happy is he who trusts in the Lord.” It is in the love of God that true happiness can be found. There is no other place. You can get close to it, even distracted from it but finding our God is the only true love. The great thing is we can find Him! If we seek God with all our heart, then we will find Him. Eureka! The answer. It is so simple and yet so hard. It is only harder because we make it that way.

Just make being with God and seeking Him your first duty. Let that become your heat’s desire. Slowly, things will change. God has plans for you. One of them is for you to find happiness in Him! What are you waiting for?

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