When someone asks how you are do you always answer just a little tired?How do you defeat being tired everyday? Do you want more energy?I feel that way sometimes too. What can you do?

First, make sure you get enough sleep. That is hard to do if your phone is anywhere close. But there are ways to deal with it. Turn it off. A button and strategy seldom used but always works. Or put your phone on airplane mode. Then a signal can’t get there. Or you can turn the sound down and put your phone across the room. It will stay updated if you can’t miss a thing but not disturb your beauty sleep.

If electronics are not the issue, then don’t drink any caffeine after 3 or 4 p.m. Any caffeine should be out of your system by bedtime then.

Still having issues getting to sleep? Try exercise and a shower before bed. Or start a routine. It may take a few days to become routine so don’t give up. Make sure it is dark where you are sleeping. Last, you should see your doctor. Maybe he can help.

To have more energy each day, do exercise. Find a time and do it. It’s the easiest way to increase your daily energy. Whether they work or not I am not sure but vitamins may also give you an energy boost.

Yes, most of this is common sense. But sometimes we forget and need a reminder. One more thing to do every day. Make it part of your routine sometime in your day. Get in touch with God. When you are getting up or lieing down, say a prayer. When you can’t sleep, say a prayer. God will be right there to help you. So when the sun goes down, try these tips and get some good zzzz’s.

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