The Bird and the Butterfly

Last week I made a trip to Yosemite National Park. The waterfalls are gorgeous. The snowmelt has the waterfalls and rivers just full and overflowing. It is a wondrous sight. But one thing that happened there I need to tell you about. And so this is the story of the bird and the butterfly.

My sister and her husband were with me and as we drove and hiked and took pictures. There is one spot where the view is just grand! A favorite spot to take pictures from. The river was rushing in front of us. Looking for the best spot to take pictures from we come across a fallen tree sticking out over the water. No mishaps here though. I will let you see that picture. It turned out good. But while in that area, we noticed a pretty little butterfly gliding about. The pretty little butterfly was staying fairly close to the ground but would not stay still long enough for a decent picture. I have several blurry ones.

I am also a birdwatcher as well as photographer. So when the blackbird came and starting hopping around in the same area, I tried to get its picture too. I did a little better with those pictures. From my vantage point sitting down on a rock, I continued to watch both the blackbird and the butterfly still attempting to get the best picture of either. Then it happened! The butterfly landed on the ground and was there for a second or two.It was my chance! It was also the chance for the blackbird. In a flash, he had the butterfly in his beak and and second later the butterfly was blackbird dinner! It’s sad for the butterfly, yes, but happy for the blackbird.

When you think about this true story, it has meaning for us too. Here and now on this earth, it is really eat or be eaten whether in the natural world or the human rat race. We have a promise from God of something much better! He tells us the lion will lay down with the lamb. I am guessing that means the butterfly can also be next to the blackbird. And if the lion, the lamb, the blackbird and the butterfly mean that much to God, how much more He cares for us. God wants to take us home to live with Him forever. God said it. I believe it. Do you?

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